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Are you in need of a dental crown? Innova Family Dental offers the very best tooth crowns near Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Naperville, and Plainfield, IL! Bolingbrook dentist Dr. Kandimalla fabricates tooth crowns using a range of materials that are durable and always natural-looking. Every patient is different which is why we make our crowns with longevity in mind, ensuring you and your family members get the quality restorations your smiles need!

What Is A Dental Crown?

patient smiling after receiving a dental crownDental crowns, also known as tooth crowns and tooth caps, are durable dental restorations custom-made to cover the exterior portion of the tooth. Reasons for crowns vary, but if you are experiencing the following conditions, or are set to undergo the following treatments, a dental crown will likely be recommended to you:

  • Large cavity
  • Worn or weakened tooth
  • Dental bridge fabrication
  • Misshapen or stained tooth (cosmetic purposes)
  • Gentle root canal therapy

Crowns are made to last years. If you keep up a good oral care routine and attend your regular visits with Dr. Kandimalla, your tooth crown could even last you decades!

The Best Types Of Dental Crowns

If you are in need of a dental crown, we have just what you need! We offer a range of different tooth crowns made from the following materials:

  • All Porcelain
  • All Ceramic
  • Zirconia
  • BruxZir®

How Much Do Dental Crowns Cost?

Your out-of-pocket tooth crown costs will depend on the terms of your dental insurance. To make it easy for you, Innova Family Dental is in-network with many major dental insurance carriers and accept most dental insurance plans.

If you do not have dental insurance, join the Innova Gold Plan. This dental discount plan offers generous discounts on many treatments and procedures, including 20% off the cost of crowns. If you need additional help financing your treatment, we offer monthly payment plans, too!

Get A Beautiful, Luminous Dental Crown!

Innova Family Dental is here for all of your dental crown needs. Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kandimalla.

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