GentleWave Treatment in Bolingbrook

What Is GentleWave?

If you’ve recently been told that you have an infected tooth, or may need a root canal, you might be dreading your upcoming appoinment. Many patients put off getting endodontic treatment because they are afraid that the procedure will be painful and timeconsuming. Unfortunately, avoiding treatment only makes the problem worse and allows the decay and infection to grow, making for a more complicated procedure. At Innova Family Dental, our team is proud to offer our patients modern treatments with the latest dental technology and techniques, including GentleWave

GentleWave is a minimally-invasive endodontic treatment that serves as an effective alternative to traditional root canal therapy.1 GentleWave utelizes multisonic technology to create a vortex of cleaning fluids to remove bacteria, debris, and infected tissue from your tooth. With this technology, Dr. Kalpana Kandimalla will be able to clean even the deepest, hardest-to-reach parts of your tooth. 

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The Benefits of GentleWave

When compared to traditional root canal therapy, treatment with GentleWave provides numerous benefits including:

  • Faster Treatment- The GentleWave process can be completed in one appointment and requires fewer steps and the use of fewer tools.
  • Less-Invasive- By using fluid to disinfect the tooth instead of bulky tools, less enamel will need to be removed.
  • More Effective- Less drilling means we will able to preserve more of the natural structure of your tooth, keeping it stronger and healthier.

The GentleWave Process

During a traditional root canal treatment, your doctor will create a hole in your tooth and remove the infected and decayed material through this hole using abrasive dental files and drills. The GentleWave treatment process eliminates the need for these files and requires less drilling, making it a simple and straightforward process. Dr. Kandimalla will still make a small hole in your tooth, but instead of drilling and filing to remove the decayed material, she will use the GentleWave technology to flush the infected tissue and decayed material out of the root canal system. This ensures that she is able to completely eliminate the infection from even the tiny, microscopic areas of your tooth that are difficult to reach with traditional root canal therapy. Because the GentleWave procedure can clean and disinfect the root canal system with less trauma, more efficiency, and more effectiveness, there is less chance of failure in the long run.

Am I a Good Candidate for GentleWave Treatment?

If you have an infected tooth that requires an endodontic treatment like root canal therapy, you are likely a good candidate for GentleWave treatment. Symptoms like persistent toothache, sensitivity to hot and cold, pain when biting or chewing may indicate that you need root canal treatment. If you notice any of these symptoms, we recommend coming in for a consultation as soon as possible. Dr. Kandimalla will be able to evaluate your needs and walk you through your treatment options. Give us a call at (630) 518-2272 or if you’re nearby in Bolingbrook, feel free to stop by our office at 772 S Weber Road, Bolingbrook, IL 60490 to set up an appointment in person. We look forward to getting your oral health back on track!

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